Hello Mistresses

Hello Mistresses

Hello Mistresses Written by Madam Storm

Hello Mistresses written by Madam Storm


I believe you can tell a lot from a woman’s choice of shoe—each heel representing her unique personality, style and attitude.

My love of heels has become both a kink and fetish of mine. I feel powerful and sexy when I strut in my six-inch heels; flashbacks of my lover sucking on my heel makes my kitty purr. 

As a Dominatrix, the shoes are a part of our uniform; when my pet buckles up my shinny black thigh boots, I’m instantly transformed, like a light switch; it turns me on!

One by one, I watch the heels of each new Mistress walk down the stairs.

Each lady is uniquely different; some dressed in shiny black latex, others in a sexy lingerie set, each lady is encouraged to dress in their character persona.

Hello, I’m Madam Storm; welcome to the dungeon!

To the left of me is my male sub, dressed in nothing but a harness, shaking in anticipation of meeting a new set of Mistresses to play with, holding a silver tray with six black champagne flutes, placed for each Mistress.

To the right of me is my female sub kneeling by my feet, awaiting further instructions.

The energy is electrifying. The women felt liberated by their attendance, surrounded by like-minded women in a non-judgemental, safe environment.

The groups are always different, which I love as it challenges me as a teacher; I have trained experienced Mistresses and complete novices.

Women attend my Mistress Training for different reasons; some desire to introduce kink into their relationships. Others have felt controlled in their vanilla relationships and seek a way to unlock their inner power. Mistress Training has helped women find their voice, and it teaches women how to be dominant, strong and assertive from the dungeon to the board room.

We spend a moment exploring the business aspect of being a professional dominatrix, the safety aspects, the importance of tonality and body language, consent and the psychology used to understand and captivate their subjects; it takes skill to seduce someone’s mind.

Today not only will they become Dominatrices, but they’ll also learn the art of being a seductress, a woman unapologetic, sexually confident and unafraid to exude their power into the world! 

“When we flirt with the world, the world flirts back.” 

Building their Mistress character is a powerful part of my student’s training; it teaches the power of creation; they can be their authentic selves with their newfound confidence. 

Some may call it creating your alter ego. I believe it’s the part of you that’s berried. 

The side of you that scares you, she’s waiting for you to permit yourself to be FREE.  

I congratulate every woman who enters the dungeon. They’ve taken the first steps towards accepting their desires and kinks, no longer wanting to stay in the shadows of shame and conformity. The woman who seeks Mistress Training is ready to create her own values and beliefs; she has come to accept her calling, the need ti to unleash her inner Dominatrix, this step is not always easy. 

For many years I was fighting who I was; trying to fight who you are is like, trying to run away from your shadow. It wasn’t until I recreated myself as Madam Storm I found true freedom and empowerment.

I knew I was home when I cracked my first whip; I was instantly turned on!

I watch my students grow in admiration as they embark on their journey of exploring their fetishes and kinks.

The dungeon is their playground, each individual, now trained and feeling fully confident to play on their own as I observe, the beauty is witnessing each woman become unafraid of their power.

One lady whispers in my ear, “Madam, I’m enjoying myself. Is this normal” I replied, “darling look around you, it’s safe to say we all are” we laughed and hugged. She finally felt at home. A place where she was finally free, a feeling I understand because that’s the feeling I felt 12 years ago when I first embarked on my journey into the unknown. 

To find out more about Madam Storm’s Mistress Training please click here.

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Madam Storm

Hello Mistresses


Surrender  Written by Madam Storm

Madam Storm Power of the Pussy


I placed my hand on my heart and gave myself permission to be FREE! 

Overwhelmed with emotion as each breath got deeper and deeper, I repeated to myself I permit myself to be free, I give myself permission to be free, with each breath, I felt lighter and lighter as if I was unlocking the key to my prison, my soul chained to a ball and chain weighing me down. 

 At that moment I realised that I had to submit, surrender and uncuffed myself, for fear had unknowingly guided me to a path that is not meant for me. Disguised in great opportunities, success and stability.  

Through my constant journey of self-development, I have learnt that I can only be who I’m destined to be. Not who I think I should be, not the daughter my parents want me to be, not what society says I should be, not the woman my future husband needs me to be.

When I require clarification I ask myself questions such as What do I want?” When was the last time you asked yourself what you wanted?

How can we manifest when we lack clarity and direction, how do we arrive at true happiness whilst shackled in cuffs? 

We spend so much time creating a version of ourselves that we think will be loved and accepted constantly seeking validation, so much so that we lose who are!!!! Scared to be our authentic selves, ashamed of our desires, intimidated by our ambitions. We stay small, we stay in prison, we fight with our inner selves, drowned in fear, our fear turned into anxiety, the darkness fills our minds causing depression. We turn our attention outwards, hours spent scrolling through Instagram, comparing our lives to others, wishing our life was like hers, time spent outwards, looking to others to fill a void that only we can fill!!!

I had to look inwards for my answers, I had to be 100% honest with myself, the truth is waiting to be revealed if you are ready to strut through the fear. I seek growth, not perfection, I imagine my growth as an elevator, each floor teaches me something new, today I am on floor “surrender” I think I will stay on this floor for a while for it has much to teach me, this floor may resonate with you too, if it does, welcome, explore and enjoy!!! 

I was created with love and magic, I am magnificent, I was created for a purpose, I will not allow fear to rob me of my gift. I encourage you to join me, I encourage you to seek freedom and surrender, for what awaits you is truly magnificent. 



Place your hand on your heart and say!

I give myself permission to be FREE


I AM ME!!!!

I have surrendered

I am at peace with who I am

I release the bondage placed upon me

I release fear from my mind

I embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance

I am free

I have the power to be the woman I visualise

I am her

I surrender to my desire and life purpose

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Madam Storm

Hello Mistresses

Erotic Capital

Erotic Capital  Written by Madam Storm

Madam Storm Power of the Pussy

He opened the door, there I stood in my 6 inch heels, leather dress that hugged my waist and showed my curves.


He was captivated, speechless at the vision of a strong black woman, my face alluring my eyes captivating. “I’m Madam Storm” I said as I  strutted through the door.


“May I take your coat Madam” I placed my black leather bag onto the white marble floor and allowed him to remove my fur that was perfectly placed upon my shoulders.


I entered the living room, where there was a perfectly lit fireplace, the walls painted white with large paintings that created an art gallery feeling. The sofa was beige and leather, in front was a glass table, where he had placed two champagne glasses and a bottle of Ace which was placed in a chrome champagne holder.


The first rule is safety, as I continue to charm my client I ask him for a tour of his lovely home, I need to check we are home alone and be aware of all entrances in case I need to escape, I check every bathroom and bedroom, whilst showering him with compliments “Oh what a beautiful home you have” and it was, it was exquisite. 


We returned to the living room, I had picked my seating strategically, I wanted to face the door in case we had any unexpected guests! A seductress is always in control, I was here to work, he was a client and I am a professional, it was my job to make my client think I was relaxed and comfortable, like a friend coming to visit. This allows your client to feel comfortable and truly enjoy the experience.


This was our first encounter, from the moment he opened the door I had read him, I set my presence, he knew I was in control. He was a tall man, in his late 40s he had dark hair and a charming smile, the kind of confidence you would expect from a powerful successful man.


This did not intimidate me, I love playing with powerful men, I gain great pleasure watching them submit to me. Its the moment when I look into their eyes and they realise I am POWER! The one who has the ability to seduce and conquer, like a black widow, he is aware of the danger but his male ego makes him think he is in control. He tries to fight it and I enjoy playing along with him, waiting for the right moment to unleash my pussy power and captivating him forever.


My client had booked me as a seductress, I assume his fantasy  was to have a dominant woman who he could seduce with his wealth and charming looks, his desire was to control me by seducing me into his bed.


A fantasy that would never come to fruition, the art of seduction is the ability to engage with your victim, paying attention to their every word, whilst your body language seduces him and your intellect mesmerises him. 


Every move is intentional but effortlessly done, unknowingly to him I introduce him to smoke play. The cigarette perfectly placed in between my red coated lips, he is the perfect gentleman and is eager to please, he lights my cigarette.


I look into his eyes as my lips pull seductively on the white stick between my lips, inhaling the smoke, I slowly exhale the smoke into face as i move closer to him, my intentions are to seduce myself with the aid of the smoke, the smoke carries my energy, my pussy power is ignited and in that moment he submits.


I am fully aroused by my power, the energy is electrifying, he is confused but intrigued, puzzled at his feelings of desire to submit to me.


I am now fucking his mind, my pussy power is at her full glory and now its time to finish him off with a deadly bite.


I continue to seduce myself as I remove my clothes, moving my hips side to side, worshipping my body, my hands touching my skin in pure admiration, my eyes lock in with his, unable to move in his submissive state. The site of a woman being in total control of her body, lost in her own energy, not afraid of touching herself, knowing her worth and unleashing her divine femininity is pure POWER!!!


3hrs and 5k later I left his home, untouched by him, adored and respected, I left him yearning for more, my mission was completed.  


Welcome to the art of “Pussy Power” the ability to empower yourself and use your erotic capital to seduce the world!!!


“Pussy Power” noun

Power exercised by women; specifically a woman’s use of her sexual allure or femininity in order to exert influence over men.

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Madam Storm

Mark Me!

Mark Me!

Mark Me!  Written by Madam Storm

Madam Storm's Power of the Pussy

In this moment I want to feel owned, mark your territory, the pleasure I feel the next day looking in the mirror with flashbacks of his deep strokes, my hands firmly pressed against his back, he tells me not to move a feeling I have never experienced before, total submission, angry at the thought that he is dictating to me. How to move but in deep memorisation of his love inside of me that I had no choice but to submit, a feeling of total bliss, ecstasy as he makes love to me, in that moment I allow myself to be present, present in the moment allowing my body to fully enjoy the experience. Each stroke is taking me deeper into an orgasmic state, I feel my spirit leave my body with each moan. I feel myself elevating higher and higher, I am experiencing pleasure, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The sound of my satisfaction arouses him, and I am free to express myself, to express the joy I’m receiving with no shame or embarrassment, my moans get louder and louder as he penetrates me harder.

His dick stays hard for hours, his sex face excites me, his moans are aggressive as he communicates the pleasure he is receiving, I smile with satisfaction knowing my pussy feels good and he is lost in the sauce.

His grisly looks, handsome features and beautiful black skin has me in awe.
He gazes into my eyes as I watch his sweat run down his face into his black beard, now glistering from all his hard work.

His beautiful dark black skin against mine all 6ft 3 of it, his back is broad, his arms are strong as I tightly grip his biceps with anticipation of how his dick will penetrate me, as each stroke is different, soft and hard.

Hmm I’m having flashbacks as I type these words of how he grips my waist, bites the inside of my thighs, his hand around my neck with a firm grip, “mark me” I whisper in his ear, he turns my neck and sucks on my skin like a vampire.

He strokes my kinky hair, with admiration of my natural beauty with a soft touch and whispers in my ear “are you ok” which I reply “yes”.

For me when a lover checks in with me, it tells me that he cares about me, he wants to make sure I am enjoying the experience, he is letting me know that he is here for my pleasure and enjoyment, these words of affirmation increases my arousal.

My lover fucks me for hours, laying passionate soft kisses on my lips, moving me into positions I’ve not yet experienced, he holds me tight and gazes into my eyes, my breast pressed against his chest, my hands placed around the back of his neck, sat with my legs wrapped around his strong body, my pussy muscles clinch together holding onto his long, thick hard dick as I exhale my breath into his mouth, he inhales then exhales his energy force back into me. That was the moment I fell in love with my lover. Or maybe I’m just dick whipped…..

His hips move in perfect rotation, an art form many men have not yet mastered, However I have been fortunate enough to have experienced a handful of great lovers all teaching me something different about myself.

This lover taught me how to be patient, how to relax and allow myself to be pleasured for hours, my intentions have now shifted from wanting to cum instantly, too enjoying the sensation of the journey towards my orgasm, not being able to move (consensual submission) allowed me to wait for him to make me cum, which he did repeatedly, the type of Cumming where you not only soak the sheets but you have to flip the mattress!!!! The love bites he leaves on my body are a reminder of the pleasure I experienced.

In my opinion a good lover is when he/she is invested in how you feel, respecting your body and boundaries, his/her intent is pure, they have invested in pleasuring you.

When I use the word fuck my feeling behind the word is from pure pleasure, not the fucking I experienced as a young woman, the type of fuck that makes you feel empty and worthless. I am talking about the fuck that makes you feel liberated, satisfied, and inspired!

I seek pleasure in everything I do, pleasure in my work, pleasure in worshipping myself, pleasure in writing, pleasure in conversing with fellow queen’s, the list goes on, I am a pleasure whore.

As a sexually confident woman I am aware of what turns me on, I am open to discovering new pleasures, through masturbation, conversation and having an open mind, I find great joy in finding out new things about myself and because I am committed to receiving pleasure I am not afraid to vocalise what my needs are.

I read in a book that stated “your clear no, makes way for yes”.

Removing shame from your desires allows you to be free, unapologetic as a sexual being, a woman! Becoming sexually confident allowed me to unlock my pussy power, comfortable with my sexuality, my body, my views, and my values.

Not afraid to tell my lover to fuck me, harder, softer, not afraid to tell him to place his hands around my neck and choke me.

I am not afraid to take control and put the pussy on him and ride his dick until I orgasm, unleashing the power of the pussy! My curvy hips moving in a circular motion like a hula hoop, I grab and caress my breast as my juices flow down his dick, the wetness of a river between my thighs, I am empowered and satisfied.

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Madam Storm

Mark Me!

Dear Pussy

Dear Pussy  Written by Madam Storm

Madam Storm Power of the Pussy

Between my thighs is the portal of all creativity, my feminine divine power.

I write this as a form of a love letter to my pussy, whilst listening to Nina Simone “I’m feeling good” incense burning, lights are dimmed, dressed in a black lace bodysuit, accompanied by a long black nylon gown with fur trimmings. My neck is sprayed with my favourite perfume “Dior, Poison” my hair is freshly washed, my crown, styled in an afro.

I invite you to read my love letter to her, may it encourage you to heal and form your very own relationship with your pussy.

Dear Pussy,

I heal you from the hurt and pain that was endured when I was on a path of self destruction in an attempt to mask the pain and loneliness that filled my soul. I reclaim our power in love and respect of my divine self. I want to thank you for guiding me on a journey of unlocking the power of my pussy. 

We were touched too early, not yet a woman, I was not equipped to protect you, too young to understand my sexual energy. Throat chakra blocked, therefore lacking the ability to understand the invasion of our temple, unable to say no, unable to seek help, unable to communicate our needs and desires.

I free you from trauma, I give you the freedom to experience pleasure, you are the energy force that gives birth to all creations, a jewel perfectly positioned between my thighs, a sacred space.

Dear pussy I thank you for guiding me towards true freedom, I thank you for showing me the beauty and power that I hold. 

I am dedicated to my ongoing journey of self love and sexual liberation, I will seek pleasure in everything I do. I will continue to move my hips to the beat of the drums that awaken and excite my Sacral chakra. Body naked without the need to judge its shape and size, I will dance in celebration for everything my body does and allows me to do. 

Tonight I will spread my thighs open to give birth to my manifestation, my moans will be heard through the brick walls, I will release my flow without shame as I stimulate my cliterous. Tonight I will touch you softly, I will speak to you with love, my words will be full of power, as I climax I will speak my heart desires. I will set my intentions and lay back and watch you create magic.

I encourage you to speak to her with words of love and compassion, she is a reflection of you.  Delicate as well as strong, beautifully created to give you unlimited pleasure, no perfume will smell sweeter than her. A gift to those who you wish to invite into your divine space, her taste can never be duplicated, her energy is magic. Touch yourself freely, allow your juices to flow as natural as the Oubangui river, manifest your dreams and desires as you reach climax, this is your birthright, welcome to the power of the pussy” 

Pussy affirmations

I am powerful in pleasure 

I release all negativity that does not belong to me

I am in control of my mind and body 

I love my pussy and my pussy loves me