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Madam Storm offers a range of services that coach women to be confident and sexually empowered, named as New Magazine’s “Inspired woman” for her unique skills to empower women through her renowned Mistress Training Masterclass.

Her flagship product is her famous STRUT Masterclass which shows women how to walk correctly in their high heels, whilst owning their space. She was recently featured on the Channel 5 TV show, 10 years younger, helping the programme subject to recapture her confidence and self-esteem.  The Masterclass features 6 different struts and power poses designed to enhance each woman’s body confidence and self esteem whilst they strut in front of a full-length  mirror.

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Madam Storm has written several blog pieces for brands and also articles for Fab Magazine, The Metro Newspaper, Gal-Dem Magazine and Refinery 29

Madam Storm is also a powerful Motivational Speaker.  She has shared the stage with Mayor Sadiq Khan and spoke at Ann Summers’ annual conference last year and was hired this month to inspire and empower their staff for returning back to work after the lockdown, she has also delivered seminars on the power of body language and mindset for the company.

She was also the face of their halloween campaign. She has worked with Killing Kittens teaching their members how to be sexy and confident. She is frequently invited as a panelist at various women’s events and charitable functions.  

Please email  if you’d like to sponsor a post or book Madam Storm to write a review or speak at an event.

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