Dear Pussy

Dear Pussy

Dear Pussy  Written by Madam Storm

Madam Storm Power of the Pussy

Between my thighs is the portal of all creativity, my feminine divine power.

I write this as a form of a love letter to my pussy, whilst listening to Nina Simone “I’m feeling good” incense burning, lights are dimmed, dressed in a black lace bodysuit, accompanied by a long black nylon gown with fur trimmings. My neck is sprayed with my favourite perfume “Dior, Poison” my hair is freshly washed, my crown, styled in an afro.

I invite you to read my love letter to her, may it encourage you to heal and form your very own relationship with your pussy.

Dear Pussy,

I heal you from the hurt and pain that was endured when I was on a path of self destruction in an attempt to mask the pain and loneliness that filled my soul. I reclaim our power in love and respect of my divine self. I want to thank you for guiding me on a journey of unlocking the power of my pussy. 

We were touched too early, not yet a woman, I was not equipped to protect you, too young to understand my sexual energy. Throat chakra blocked, therefore lacking the ability to understand the invasion of our temple, unable to say no, unable to seek help, unable to communicate our needs and desires.

I free you from trauma, I give you the freedom to experience pleasure, you are the energy force that gives birth to all creations, a jewel perfectly positioned between my thighs, a sacred space.

Dear pussy I thank you for guiding me towards true freedom, I thank you for showing me the beauty and power that I hold. 

I am dedicated to my ongoing journey of self love and sexual liberation, I will seek pleasure in everything I do. I will continue to move my hips to the beat of the drums that awaken and excite my Sacral chakra. Body naked without the need to judge its shape and size, I will dance in celebration for everything my body does and allows me to do. 

Tonight I will spread my thighs open to give birth to my manifestation, my moans will be heard through the brick walls, I will release my flow without shame as I stimulate my cliterous. Tonight I will touch you softly, I will speak to you with love, my words will be full of power, as I climax I will speak my heart desires. I will set my intentions and lay back and watch you create magic.

I encourage you to speak to her with words of love and compassion, she is a reflection of you.  Delicate as well as strong, beautifully created to give you unlimited pleasure, no perfume will smell sweeter than her. A gift to those who you wish to invite into your divine space, her taste can never be duplicated, her energy is magic. Touch yourself freely, allow your juices to flow as natural as the Oubangui river, manifest your dreams and desires as you reach climax, this is your birthright, welcome to the power of the pussy” 

Pussy affirmations

I am powerful in pleasure 

I release all negativity that does not belong to me

I am in control of my mind and body 

I love my pussy and my pussy loves me