Erotic Capital

Erotic Capital

Erotic Capital  Written by Madam Storm

Madam Storm Power of the Pussy

He opened the door, there I stood in my 6 inch heels, leather dress that hugged my waist and showed my curves.


He was captivated, speechless at the vision of a strong black woman, my face alluring my eyes captivating. “I’m Madam Storm” I said as I  strutted through the door.


“May I take your coat Madam” I placed my black leather bag onto the white marble floor and allowed him to remove my fur that was perfectly placed upon my shoulders.


I entered the living room, where there was a perfectly lit fireplace, the walls painted white with large paintings that created an art gallery feeling. The sofa was beige and leather, in front was a glass table, where he had placed two champagne glasses and a bottle of Ace which was placed in a chrome champagne holder.


The first rule is safety, as I continue to charm my client I ask him for a tour of his lovely home, I need to check we are home alone and be aware of all entrances in case I need to escape, I check every bathroom and bedroom, whilst showering him with compliments “Oh what a beautiful home you have” and it was, it was exquisite. 


We returned to the living room, I had picked my seating strategically, I wanted to face the door in case we had any unexpected guests! A seductress is always in control, I was here to work, he was a client and I am a professional, it was my job to make my client think I was relaxed and comfortable, like a friend coming to visit. This allows your client to feel comfortable and truly enjoy the experience.


This was our first encounter, from the moment he opened the door I had read him, I set my presence, he knew I was in control. He was a tall man, in his late 40s he had dark hair and a charming smile, the kind of confidence you would expect from a powerful successful man.


This did not intimidate me, I love playing with powerful men, I gain great pleasure watching them submit to me. Its the moment when I look into their eyes and they realise I am POWER! The one who has the ability to seduce and conquer, like a black widow, he is aware of the danger but his male ego makes him think he is in control. He tries to fight it and I enjoy playing along with him, waiting for the right moment to unleash my pussy power and captivating him forever.


My client had booked me as a seductress, I assume his fantasy  was to have a dominant woman who he could seduce with his wealth and charming looks, his desire was to control me by seducing me into his bed.


A fantasy that would never come to fruition, the art of seduction is the ability to engage with your victim, paying attention to their every word, whilst your body language seduces him and your intellect mesmerises him. 


Every move is intentional but effortlessly done, unknowingly to him I introduce him to smoke play. The cigarette perfectly placed in between my red coated lips, he is the perfect gentleman and is eager to please, he lights my cigarette.


I look into his eyes as my lips pull seductively on the white stick between my lips, inhaling the smoke, I slowly exhale the smoke into face as i move closer to him, my intentions are to seduce myself with the aid of the smoke, the smoke carries my energy, my pussy power is ignited and in that moment he submits.


I am fully aroused by my power, the energy is electrifying, he is confused but intrigued, puzzled at his feelings of desire to submit to me.


I am now fucking his mind, my pussy power is at her full glory and now its time to finish him off with a deadly bite.


I continue to seduce myself as I remove my clothes, moving my hips side to side, worshipping my body, my hands touching my skin in pure admiration, my eyes lock in with his, unable to move in his submissive state. The site of a woman being in total control of her body, lost in her own energy, not afraid of touching herself, knowing her worth and unleashing her divine femininity is pure POWER!!!


3hrs and 5k later I left his home, untouched by him, adored and respected, I left him yearning for more, my mission was completed.  


Welcome to the art of “Pussy Power” the ability to empower yourself and use your erotic capital to seduce the world!!!


“Pussy Power” noun

Power exercised by women; specifically a woman’s use of her sexual allure or femininity in order to exert influence over men.

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Madam Storm