Surrender  Written by Madam Storm

Madam Storm Power of the Pussy


I placed my hand on my heart and gave myself permission to be FREE! 

Overwhelmed with emotion as each breath got deeper and deeper, I repeated to myself I permit myself to be free, I give myself permission to be free, with each breath, I felt lighter and lighter as if I was unlocking the key to my prison, my soul chained to a ball and chain weighing me down. 

 At that moment I realised that I had to submit, surrender and uncuffed myself, for fear had unknowingly guided me to a path that is not meant for me. Disguised in great opportunities, success and stability.  

Through my constant journey of self-development, I have learnt that I can only be who I’m destined to be. Not who I think I should be, not the daughter my parents want me to be, not what society says I should be, not the woman my future husband needs me to be.

When I require clarification I ask myself questions such as What do I want?” When was the last time you asked yourself what you wanted?

How can we manifest when we lack clarity and direction, how do we arrive at true happiness whilst shackled in cuffs? 

We spend so much time creating a version of ourselves that we think will be loved and accepted constantly seeking validation, so much so that we lose who are!!!! Scared to be our authentic selves, ashamed of our desires, intimidated by our ambitions. We stay small, we stay in prison, we fight with our inner selves, drowned in fear, our fear turned into anxiety, the darkness fills our minds causing depression. We turn our attention outwards, hours spent scrolling through Instagram, comparing our lives to others, wishing our life was like hers, time spent outwards, looking to others to fill a void that only we can fill!!!

I had to look inwards for my answers, I had to be 100% honest with myself, the truth is waiting to be revealed if you are ready to strut through the fear. I seek growth, not perfection, I imagine my growth as an elevator, each floor teaches me something new, today I am on floor “surrender” I think I will stay on this floor for a while for it has much to teach me, this floor may resonate with you too, if it does, welcome, explore and enjoy!!! 

I was created with love and magic, I am magnificent, I was created for a purpose, I will not allow fear to rob me of my gift. I encourage you to join me, I encourage you to seek freedom and surrender, for what awaits you is truly magnificent. 



Place your hand on your heart and say!

I give myself permission to be FREE


I AM ME!!!!

I have surrendered

I am at peace with who I am

I release the bondage placed upon me

I release fear from my mind

I embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance

I am free

I have the power to be the woman I visualise

I am her

I surrender to my desire and life purpose

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Sending you love and power my darling!


Madam Storm