Miss Erica Storm had the honour of gracing the front cover of The Metro Newspaper and featured online! Named Guru of confidence.

Journalist Bibi Lynch attended Miss Erica Storm’s very intimate female retreat as she wasn’t happy with her body, and because she didn’t like ‘not liking’ her body. The purpose of the Power of the P***y (POTP) retreat is to share that power with other women: ‘to connect you with your p***y’ and offer a ‘transformative journey of self-love and empowerment across every aspect of your life’.

Power of the Pussy Retreat

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Metro Online

Madam Storm’s Online Mistress Training Classes during lockdown

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Madam Storm's Mistress WorkshopS

Florence Derrick from Metro reports on how the coronavirus pandemic has taken a huge toll on many industries, not least the sex industry and how many have had to change up their offerings during lockdown in order to maintain their customer base.

Having worked in partnership with Ann Summers, Madam Storm has been running Mistress Training classes online during lockdown and was ‘blown away’ by the amount of applications from women wanting to learn dominatrix techniques.

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