Jennifer Zamparelli chats to Miss Erica Storm AKA Madam Storm, an international dominatrix, qualified confidence coach and now a clinical sex therapist-in-training who has created the “Power of The Pussy” Retreat!

Power of the Pussy Retreat

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The Sun Fabulous

Madam Storm teaches Alice Levine the art of domination and more

As part of the Sex Actually Documentary series, Alice Levine meets professional dominatrix Madam Storm who enrols her on her renowned Mistress Training and teaches her the art of domination and more.

Read Jen Pharo’s article in The Sun Fabulous about Alice Levine’s experiences making the Sex Actually Documentary.


Sex Actually with Alice Levine

Madam Storm features in a Louis Theroux documentary for channel 4, presented by Alice Levine, “Sex Actually”

The channel 4 documentary showcases Madam Storm’s renowned Mistress Training and her life as a professional Dominatrix and teacher. 

The channel 4 documentary “Sex Actually” airs on the 22nd of September at 10pm.


Brook Blog

Consent and BDSM:  what lessons can we learn from a professional Dominatrix?

The theme of Sexual Health Week 2021 is Consent:  Do you Get it?

Madam Storm  shares her expertise with Brook Blog on the subject of Consent and BDSM.

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Brook Blog Consent and BDSM
Brook Blog Consent and BDSM


How being a professional Dominatrix gave me sexual liberation

Click here to read Madam Storm’s article for gal-dem.

Madam Storm gal-dem

Madam Storm breaks down how becoming a part of the BDSM community led to empowerment and why self-pleasure is so important.

Click on the link below to read Madam Storm’s article for gal-dem, an online and print publication committed to sharing perspectives from women and non-binary people of colour.

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New! Magazine

Madam Storm named New Magazine’s Inspiring Woman

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Madam Storm New Magazine's Inspiring Woman

Journalist Kim Willis interviewed Madam Storm for the popular magazine “New” on how she uses her skills as a Mistress to empower women to believe in themselves.

Check out her full interview below, if you haven’t already got your copy, it’s available in all supermarkets and newsagents.

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